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What is a Structured Settlement? Read Below to Find out

Question: Have you seen ads on the television? How do they go? It may be ours, it may be our competitors, or it may say It's my money and I want it now". So what is that all about and what do structured funding deals mean for you the seller?

Answer:  These deals have been used in the legal world for years. They are the most common in the life insurance and personal injury fields. They were created in order to compensate those who have been severly injured, a victim of an accident who has become a paraplegic, victim of negligence, and other horrible accident victims from either working or from a car accident.

Instead of negotiating for a large payment up front for the injured the insurance companies and the opposing counsel (lawyer) tend to reach an agreement to pay out damages in periodic streams. These payment plans are either annualy or monthly. They are created to help pay for much needed hosptial bills and living expenses that may have been derailed due to the accident.

The defendant will than sign a promisory note to make these future payments via a notorized document. The defendant purchases this annuity contract from the life insurer. This helps to fulfill a promise to make the future payments. The life insurance company than may invest in the purchase price of the annuity while still collecting interest from the investment while simulteanously making the required future payments to the injured party since it is required by the promisory note.

All of these payments have a huge benefit to investors because they are tax free payments. These settlements tend to be used more frequently because most personel and buyers are rather amateurish in dealing with large sums of money when an injured party is under the age of 18 years old. Typically settlements end up with a guarantee of 20+ years is they are under the age of 18.

We have all sorts of different clients who call in about selling their settlement deals from civil lawsuit matters. They come in from everything from Car Accidents, flying accidents with both national airlines and non commercial airplanes, slip & fall cases, medical malpractice, asbestos cases, ALF abuse, wrongful death cases where a settlement is pending or granted, 18 wheeler accidents, coal mining accidents, premises liability, nursing home above, yachting accidents, boating incidents, motorcycle crashes, product liability and recall settlements, negligent cases, and any other form of personal injury that you may think of.

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