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You want your money today so why wait? Well it's not worth waiting if you need the money today. As our friends over at Rescue Capital have said the value of having your future payments in your hand today vs. waiting for the unexpected in the future can be detrimental. What if Mark Cuban held onto his internet company and didn't sell it for Billions of dollars to Yahoo.com during the tech bubble?

Well he would have been left with little to nothing instead he didnt wait to cash out and turned broadcast.com into BILLIONS of dollars. Now we are not saying you are going to make billions from your strucutred settlement cash out but you certainly can turn it into a LOT MORE when you start a profitable business. Get a lump sum payment at it's present cash value and be glad you did.

Here are some benefits of cash payouts and allocation of your capital:

  1. Invest in real estate. Whether it's your own home, paying down your mortgage, beating inflation, or purchasing your first home you have excellent appreciation possibilites.
  2. Real Estate historically has kept pace with inflation while your annuity or structured settlement may not be
  3. Purchase a car instead of having to take the bus. Riding the bus or taking public transporation can be time consuming and time = money. Being able to enjoy the open road and conquer a new job is the start to a better life.

There are 2500 deals a month where people are selling off their structured settlements and according to industry leader J.G. Wentworths sales man that we spoke to he said that it's just a tiny fraction of the people who hold these insurance payouts that are actually choosing to sell them for a lump sum payment each month and year. Thankfully it's a court approved process so it's not an overnight decision to receive a lump sum payment.

Here are some things to consider when looking to sell off your future payments:

Think about something called purchasing power. What is the value of your money today vs. the dollar of your money a year from now. Taking a lower paying job in exchange for a trip to the Bahamas or Jamaica. Is that worth it to your long term finances? Only you can answer this question. Beach or money in the future?

Is it worth selling your future payments? Do you want to start a business? Do you have what it takes to receive a $100,000 all at one time? Only you can answer this question.


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