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Structuredsettlementauthority.com Reviews, Complaints, and Feedback

Due to the immense amount of Spam we have received from the SEO doing work for the structuredsettlementauthority.com website we did some investigating and found that the website is owned and run by J.G. Wentworth the Radnor, PA based buyer of structured settlement payments. They have been spamming one of our blogs with low level comments.

This makes me think that they will receive a large amount of complaints and negative reviews about their business. Please do send us your thoughts and feedback about your experience dealing with JG Wentworth.

Let us know the following:

Did they give you enough money for your structured settlement, annuity, or lottery payments you were receiving?

Did they buy a life contingent payment from you?

How much cash did you receive and was it enough?

How was the customer service experience?

Was the funding enough to pay your bills?

Anything else you would like to have us know about structuredsettlementauthority.com or JG Wentworth.

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