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Tips for Receiving, Buying, and Selling a Structured Settlement

Have you been looking into the structured settlement industry of late? If you are looking for a funding source to help purchase a piece or all of your annuity than you can certainly contact us today to learn more about the industry and how we can help you get the best deal possible and the most amount of cash in one large lump sum for your periodical payments that you are currently receiving each month.

The best advice and tips for selling a structured settlement and questions that you should be asking are as follows:

  • Ask how much money you will receive
  • Is it in one large lump sum
  • Does it take a long time to recieve
  • When will will I get my lump sum payment
  • Can I resell my annuity after you pay me

Tips for Buying a Structured Settlement:

  • How long is the payment for
  • What are the terms
  • What is the current risk free rate
  • What is expected inflation
  • Is my money better invested elsewhere
  • Who can I get to buy this from me
  • How liquid is this investment

Tips for those receiving a Structured Settlement

  • When is the payout date
  • Is it in one large lump sum
  • Who can you get to buy this from you if you dont want periodicical payments
  • What is the current rate of inflation
  • Where is the money going to be held

Learn more about the industry and the way to get the most amount of cash from experts like us. Call today for a free quote.