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Structured Settlement Investments

Structured Settlement Investments are also called secondary market structured-settlements. An investor is purchasing an income-stream that is backed-up by an annuity, which is issued by a large, highly rated life-insurance firm. There is little risk when one of these large life-insurance firm’s are involved, after all, they have been around for decades, and some over 100 years.

Some Basics

Let’s make sure we are both on the same page, and go over some structured-settlement basics. This is usually the form of settlement that is adopted in personal injury cases, and others. When a person is seriously injured, they will be entitled to some financial relief. It doesn’t matter if the person was injured due to a workplace accident, auto-accident, slip & fall, medical negligence, or any other type of personal injury, a structured-settlement is going to be offered in some fashion.

Even lottery winnings, child-support and attorney’s fees can be made into a structured-settlement agreement. What this means is that a fixed amount of money, will be paid out to the claimant on a monthly basis, for a fixed period of time. It could be a few years, all the way to a lifetime.

The philosophy behind this form of agreement was that the money will last longer if paid out over time. Most lump-sum payouts don’t last too long. This is one of the most versatile forms of settlement agreements. It can be custom tailored to meet the needs of the claimant. Maybe you would like a lump-sum up-front, followed by a fixed payment schedule, and maybe even future milestone lump-sum payouts, such as to take care of a college tuition, or a medical device replacement.

The Structured-Settlement As An Investment

This an excellent investment choice, as they are high yield, and low risk. People are turning to this product for planning retirement, alternatives to a CD, planning for college, estate planning, and more. The typical Yield Range is up to 9.5% Annually. The payment terms are often one to thirty years. The minimum investment may start at $25,500.00, up to around $10M.

What Makes This All Possible?

If nobody wanted to sell their structured-settlement for a lump-sum of cash, this would not be possible. Every day, people who own these structured-settlements decide to cash them in for a windfall of funds. There can be many reasons why a person gets disenchanted with the monthly payments, but they are just not enough money. Getting a small payment may not be enough to keep you up to date on your mortgage and car payments.

When you think about cashing-in, just be aware of the fact that these annuities are offered for sale at a discount. You will receive less than the full-face value of your settlement. This is how investors are enticed into buying your annuity, and laying out a large lump sum of cash. They must be assured that they will make money on their investment. They are buying your future income-stream, and you are getting money now, when you need it. Structured Settlement Investments are a great choice.


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