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Structured Settlement Funding Companies

Structured Settlement Funding Companies are the guys to go to when you are ready to cash-out of your structural-settlement annuity. There are many of these funding companies around. You have probably heard of them, like Einstein Structured Settlements, among others.

The trick is to go to a well-seasoned funding company, and you will get a better quote for your cash-flow settlement. These firms have lists of Investors that will buy your settlement as an Investment. They will lay out the funds for the benefit of the future income-stream. Settlements are offered for sale at a Discount from what the total payout would be if it went the distance.

You have to remember that the Investor must be enticed to part with his money, this is what the discount is for. For you, a sudden windfall of bucks can change your life, and the lives of your family members as well.

Understanding The Structured Settlement

Let’s have a basic understanding of exactly what a structured-settlement entails. When a person is seriously injured in some type of accident, they are going to be offered a structured-settlement. This is just the way it is. Either you will get a lump-sum payment, which may be less than the face value of a structured-settlement, or you will accept the settlement agreement.

It is a promise to pay a fixed amount of money for a fixed amount of time. It may be monthly payments for a few years, all the way to a whole lifetime. This is a very flexible fiduciary instrument, and you can be quite creative in finding a solution to the claimant’s situation. Payments can come-in every other month, or you can even receive a lump-sum up-front, followed by periodic fixed payments, and even schedule future lump-sum payments.

It doesn’t matter how you were injured. Perhaps you were injured as a result of medical negligence, or in an auto accident. It could have been a workplace accident or even a slip & fall in your local supermarket. The point is that these agreements work for both parties, the Defendant and the Claimant. Lottery winners are also included in this group.

The Defendant will save money by avoiding a large lump-sum payment at once, and can buy an annuity. As an example, a $1M annuity can be purchased for less than $605K. So it is attractive to the Defendant for the savings they can realize with its use. The claimant has the security of an annuity issued by a highly rated life insurance company.

So Why Would You Sell To A Funding Company?

Many people have been hit hard by the bad economic times. You may find yourself behind in mortgage and car payments. Maybe you need funds for college tuitions, or medical expenses. If you have a structured-settlement that you can sell, you are very fortunate. All you have to do is offer it for sale to the various Structured Settlement Funding Companies, and get quotes.