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The Top Structured Settlement Annuity Companies

An annuity is only as good as the company that issued it, which is why the most important  thing to do is to check out the Top Structured Settlement Annuity Companies. Since annuities most often include a death-benefit, which is also a major feature of life-insurance-contracts, it makes sense that annuities would be offered by insurance-companies.

When considering annuities, you will be looking at: the credited-interest-rate offered, track-record of performance of the funds within the variable-annuity, or the index and interest-calculation-formula of an indexed-annuity. But still, never overlook the importance of the strength of the company issuing the annuity. Imagine receiving income from an annuity, and all of a sudden it stops. Upon investigation, you find out the issuer went belly-up.

Annuities pay out income over an extended period of time. The insurance company funds the annuities with income from investments. If the insurance company does not continuously operate for the life of the annuity, who do you think is the biggest loser? You! This dependency on the strength of the insurance company also applies to variable-annuities, where the client chooses and manages the investment-products, and they are not under direct control of the insurance company.

Still, the insurance-company is doing the administration, and funding certain features of the annuity, so that when financial problems arise, it can tie-up your funds. The bottom line here is that the companies that have withstood the financial test of time should be the first ones to be approached.

Let’s take a look at some of the very best:

* John Hancock Financial: This is a very recognizable name, and with good reason. Canada’s Manulife is the owner of John Hancock, and is ranked as the fourth largest global life-insurer with market-capitalization of over $16-billion. All 4 of the major insurance company rating-services highly rate John Hancock.

* Metropolitan Life Insurance: MetLife is another industry giant that is ranked as one of the largest life-insurance companies on the planet. They enjoy the fifth-largest market-capitalization of over $14-billion, and is highly rated by all of the major rating firms.

* ING: This is a Dutch financial-giant who also offers banking, investment/retirement services, as well as insurance. They rank the ninth largest life insurer on the Earth, with a market-capitalization of almost $10-billion. They also enjoy very high financial-strength ratings with all of the major rating firms.

* Jackson National Life Insurance Company: Prudential PLC, out of England, is the owner of Jackson National, and is the world’s eighth largest life-insurer, with a market-capitalization of $10-billion. Their financial strength ratings are above “A” with all of the major rating firms.

* New York Life Insurance Company: This the biggest mutual-life insurer in the USA. It is ranked above all others for its financial-strength, and holds the highest-rankings of all 4 major insurance rating firms.

These companies have earned the status of being considered the top annuity-companies.  Many investors are familiar with this quote: “The return on your money is not as important as the return of your money”. Keep this in mind when looking for the top structured settlement annuity companies.