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SHP Financial Structured Settlements Reviews

SHP is located at 225 Water Street in Plymouth, Massachesetts zip code 02360. They are a financial company that has been in business for 11 years and serves the greater New England region. They specialize in pension planning, retirement planning for both the young and elderly, medicard and asset protection and pension planning. The other thing that they deal with is Structured Settlements. However, they have recieved some negative reivews from a local financial blog talking about how they are giving out misinformation and belong in the dumpster by misleading their clients. 
SHP also deals with annuity planning on the primary market where companies like Einstein deals with the purchase of secondary annuities. Annuities are products that do carry a secure stream of income that is reliable and can offer great appreciation for your retirement portfolio. There are times however when you want to unload those payments and wish to cash in on them.
Where they got the negative press was from a tweet on Twitter.com where they described an annuity as structured settlement payment rights as being like an annuity when in fact they are not and they also described it as being similar to a "Bank CD" (Certificate of Deposit). As one industry genius puts it this is absolute "RUBBISH".
" like a  bank CD". It's absolute rubbish.


The tweet talks about  an A++ rated $65,000 dollar hashtagged SS that gets a 5 percent annual return on investment over the next 9 years and yields $100,000 dollars payout in March of 2023. 

You can reach them at their local MA. office at:(508) 746-2400 should you have any retirement planning questions. If you have an annuity or future payment streams that you want to trade in for money today then you have to work with a company like Einstein to obtain the money.