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Structured Settlement Services

Many people find themselves in the need of structured settlement services. It may be as a result of a workplace injury, auto accident, slip-and-fall or some other personal injury, or even medical malpractice. Whatever the cause, this is a critical point in the life of the injured.

The quality of the services available will forever have a financial impact on the claimant. It is significant that those injured parties who have had the good fortune of using an experienced and qualified structured settlement company, do a lot better with their outcomes.

This is like any other business negotiation, except that this industry is full of very technical issues that a layman should not have to decipher. There are calculations that need to be done, as well as documents that have to be used during the course of the negotiations with the defendant.

You will have access to these services when you begin the process of settling your structured settlement. How long will you get payments? What about inflation? Can it be paid in a lump sum? Can you get another lump sum payout in a couple of years? These are the types of issues your Account Executive will handle for you.

You Need Professional Guidance

Try to do these things on your own, and you will be hammered by the opposition. Don’t overlook the fact that you have been through a lot of stress, and emotional turmoil. Could you give this situation your full attention in order to produce a successful outcome? The answer is usually no.

The US Congress passed a law in 1982 that set out basic rules of engagement when negotiating structured settlement cases. Do you know these rules? Well, you are not expected to know these rules. That is what the specialists in this field are supposed to do, know these laws inside-out. That is the guidance that you will need. A person you can trust, because you know that they are with a highly qualified firm in this industry.

This is serious business, and you need to do your homework. Remember, if you get a lump-sum payment, you will have to worry about investing the amount so as to provide a regular income. Structured payments give you freedom of the worry about future income.

Your account executive will explain everything you need to know to decide which is the right path to take. I can tell you from personal interviews with former clients of Einstein Structured Settlements, that this company is the cream-of-the-crop. There are reams of Testimonials about Einstein that make them stand-out in the crowd of other funding professionals.

Here is a typical case. Let’s see what happened to Jonathon: “Jonathon worked in a factory and was standing on a ladder installing new hardware for the company. When he slipped and succumbed to an untimely death, the court had ruled that the factory was negligible in his death. His wife Diane was the recipient of his structured settlement. The factories insurance company agreed to pay out for the next 30 years, $3,500 a month just above what Jonathon was bringing in at the factory each month”.