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Sell Your Annuities For a One Lump Sum of Cash with Einstein

April 4, 2013 Update

The first quarter of the year has seen a record amount of smart people just like yourself selling off their annuities for large cash payments and lump sums. When times get tough and you fall behind the 8-ball needing assistance to pay for your lifestyle, bills, rent, school, or you just need money to live and survive so that you and your children can have food on the table then it is an excellent idea to sell off your annuity payments that are coming in as a result of a lawsuit.

Each month that wire or check may come in the door but often times it is not enough. Believe it or not you can exchange the future value of your payments in exchange for an upfront payment. With a safe, easy, and seamless process provided by the team here at Einstein Structured Settlements you are for sure to be satisfied. Learn more today by contacting us for a quote on and consultation on how the sales process works. We will also go over the paperwork involved and court approval process for the sale of your payments received as a result of a lawsuit.

In the today’s economic situation, retirement portfolio sustainability forms one of the hottest topics when it comes to financial planning. The main concern is whether the retirement cake will last you a lifetime. Most financial planners try to fool you into purchasing annuities or telling you that your best bet is to take the payments when in fact it is not.

If you have purchased an annuity to guard yourself from falling into a retirement ruin (going bankrupt soon after retirement) but things have changed in your financial fortune and you need help with a giant lump sum payment than you are in luck thanks to the team here at Einstein Structured Settlements.

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Annuities are considered as the best investments when it comes to securing a steady retirement cash flow.

Basically, an annuity is an agreement between an insurance company and the annuitant (annuity owner).With the agreement, the annuitant pays an amount in exchange for either a lump sum payment at a future date or a regular income over an agreed period of time. Annuities are usually issued by insurance companies though they are not insurance policies. You can pay for an annuity in either lump sum or in regular series of payments and the capital in an annuity grows at an interest. The annuities usually provide tax-deferred growth of earnings. Such earnings may include a death benefit to your beneficiaries which typically provides a certain minimum amount. Although the earnings growth tax is deferred, for each withdrawal, gain is taxed at normal income rates.

The advantage of annuities over other retirement plans is that, with annuities, amount you can get paid by our team is unlimited. You might find it confusing to choose a suitable annuity due to many annuity products in the market today. The diversity in annuity products enables you to choose an annuity that offers best returns based on your financial requirements. Annuities present you an opportunity to create an investment portfolio which caters for both your short term and long term financial needs. However, if your financial situation changes than we are here to purchase in one full lump sum even if you have sold off your annuity before to another investor.

The timing of your payout is among the three most crucial factors that determine the type of annuity you choose. Based on the timing of payout, you may choose either deferred or immediate annuity. In a deferred annuity, you will begin receiving payments at some future date, normally on retirement. In an immediate annuity, your payments will start immediately after investing in your money in an annuity.

Investment type is also an important factor of selecting an annuity option. You will either choose fixed or variable annuities based on the investment type as a factor. Typically, fixed annuities are invested in high grade corporate bonds as well as government securities. With variable annuities, you are able to invest in a choice of sub-accounts like money market securities, fixed interest accounts, and securities portfolios. Such sub-accounts are linked to market performance and they usually have an equivalent managed investment portfolio. For example, you can invest in equity linked annuities if you want to avert higher risks and at the same time gain from better performance of a stock market.

The third aspect that can guide you to invest in the best annuity option is the liquidity options. Majority of annuities products in the market today enable you to withdraw your annuity interest earnings without penalty and have a surrender penalty (a charge for early withdrawal). As a reward to investors who have invested in annuities with surrender charges, some annuities offer bonuses.

Annuities remain to be among the first-rate investment options for all investors. Investing in annuities is most suitable for those investors who are willing to guarantee financial security of their future.