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Reviews & Testimonials for Einstein Structured Settlements

Updated 1/16/2015 -- Einstein Structured Settlements is consistently reviewed as the top buyer of strucuted settlement and annuity payments. Their ability to pay top dollar is the reason why clients love working with us.

Check out the latest reviews and videos from our very happy clients who we have gotten thousands of dollars extra for in one lump sum and in some cases much more. All client information is of course kept confidential.

"Thank you for getting me the cash right away. I had a mortgage to pay and kids who are hungry. Thank you very much for helping me out when I was in a desperate time of need."


Tacoma, Washington

"We had a bad car accident and unfortunately was unable to return to work for a year. The structured settlement deal I got was for a few thousand dollars a month. Thanks to your lump sum payment I was able to pay the bills I need, buy a new car, and get my life back on track."


Washington, D.C.

"After winning the lottery I thought my life was set. Unfortunately I was wrong because I didn't receive my millions of dollars up front. Thanks to you I was able to get a lump sum payment. After all it is my money and I wanted in now. Thanks to your hard work I was able to get the money I needed right away. Thank you."


Memphis, Tennessee

Even our hispanic clientle loves how we help them to maximize their settlement.