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Rescue Capital Reviews and Complaints

Guest Post By: Mary of Canada

Have you heard of the secondary market structured settlement company called Rescue Capital located down the street from J.G. Wentworth in Pennsylvania? Well do not do a deal with them until you have read this guest post from Mary a freelance writer and Legal Expert based out of Canada. Her review and overview of the firm informs and warns the general public who may be interested in selling their future payments to rescue about  their two listed complaints against them according to the better business bureau website.

One of their founding partners is Ms. Healy who previously worked at JG Wentworth (same company as Peachtree and Novation Capital according to previous guest posts on the Einstein website). She had worked for J.G. Wentworth for 17 years when they originally had only 8 employees compared to the few hundred that they have today. The underwriting programmers for annuity payments and settlements were originated by her according to the Rescue website.

After looking at their testimonial page and doing some in depth research we have found stock photos that their web programmers have taken for their reviews of their services. This may be an unethical practice in some individuals eyes or a way to keep the privacy of their clients in mind. We do not know the average discount rate at which they purchase structured settlements, annuities, or lottery payments for but have to question the validity of this practice.

Maureen Healy is responsible for planning and implementation and company strategy. To her credit she was (according to the about page on rescuecapital.com) for establishing JG’s information systems, HR, and legal activities. As a mentor we have to wonder if her strategy is to bash people and not credit the brilliant and credible people in the industry such as John Darer who not only provides helpful information in the industry but adds a nice mix of comedy to it!

It seems that the within the last year there have been two problems closed and addressed involving Rescue Capitals Problems with their Product and or Service according to the BBB.ORG website. There has also been a complaint lodged against them for their advertising and sales practices at Rescue. We do not know more information about this and a phone call to their office asking for a Mr. Craig Davidson their Vice-President were not immediately returned.

So get more cash because MC=MO and getting multiple offers beyond the one you just received from Rescue may be the best plan of action. It’s your money use it how you want it and get the most amount of money possible. Whether it’s payments you are receiving from an automobile accident, work related injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, slip & fall situation, or lottery/casino winnings then contact an expert today to help you maximize your lump sum payout today.

Be careful and advised of possible scams from structured settlement transfer and factoring companies who partake in blogging negatively about other companies as a shady SEO practice. In fact Rescue has said it best on their blog according to Maureen Healy.

According to their Business Profile their current address is:

1839 Chestnut St 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103
It is located in the Rittenhouse Square, Penn Center neighborhoods and is not far from leading structured settlement transfer company and television advertiser about “It’s My Money and I want it now” JG Wentworth.

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