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Quote me a price for a Structured Settlement

As you are trying to get a quote from multiple vendors and companies so you can play one against another you may be asking if you can quote me a price right now for selling my structured settlement. There are only a few companies that exist in this industry and Einstein is one that is a direct lender who can get you paid faster and more money than anybody else. If you have sold your payments with a different company in the past then you will be surprised to know that the court will most likely take longer and you will have a much harder time getting the deal approved by that same company.

We know the ins and outs of the court system and what is eligible for a transfer of a structured settlement payment right. There are times when the annuity that you want to sell is not going to be approved or the amount of money you would get is going to be enough. That is why we get out there and help you to quote a price from multiple vendors that we know will make sure you get a fair offer.

How Do We Pay You More After Quoting You A Price?

Paying out more cash than anybody else is important. If we are giving you more money then you are going to want to work with us. So by giving you more money both up front and after the transaction has been approved for a transfer by the courts is why we can quote you a price and get you more moola. We are not associated with the website quotemeaprice.com which is owned by the genex capital companies who is an internet vendor in the industry.

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