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Qualified with Single Premium Investment Annuity Payments - How You Can sell These for a Lump Sum

A SPIA which is an acronym for Single Premium Immediate/investment Annuity is a retirement vehicle that lets a policy holder convert a single payment or a premium to receive income payments right away. The time period for which they will receive the payments however is specified based on the policy. 

This type of annuity contract with an insurance company whether it's John Hancock, Berkshire Hathaway, ING, or any other reputable insurance company that you have a SPIA with can allow you a stream of income that is reliable and will be transferred to your account as specified by the policy.

Sometimes however the amount of money that you start to receive right away from your single premium investment annuity payments are not enough and you are in a "hardship" situation where you want to be able to feed yoiur children and pay your mortgage. Should a case like this occur and you find yourself asking what you can do?

You probably received your SPIA as a result of a personal injury settlement and you thought it would be enough income to keep you propped up. Now you can trade this in for a lump sum payment thanks to Einsteins help. This will require no monthly management of income coming in as you will receive a cash wire to your bank account. The entire process is court ordered and judge approved for your safety and if it does not make financial sense then the judge will let you know.

The fixed rate of return on a SPIA is tempting but if you can't pay your bills then you must do what is in your best interest.