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The Pro’s and Con’s to Structured Settlement Loans

People settle lawsuits literally every single day, and people also win lawsuits everyday! With that usually comes some type of monetary compensation. When this happens, the court, or both parties can agree to what is called a Structured Settlement. A structured settlement is the payout of monies, (usually court appointed), over a certain period of time. A structured settlement may sound great, and you may enter into that agreement with the best of intentions, but what if something happens and you need access to the money right away?

A structured settlement loan is quite a simple concept. Most of the time a factoring company, or private investment firm, will “buy-out” your settlement, and pay you a lump sum immediately. While this is enticing and may sound great, it will be less than the face amount. For some, it is worth that price, because waiting 20 years for all of your money may not fit your schedule! 

When it comes to structured settlement loans pros and cons, there are many scammers out there, so make sure you thoroughly research it before coming to any decisions. Here are some of the pros when it comes to getting a structured settlement loan:

  1. Get Your Money Right Away – Instead of waiting years for your pay out, you can get a check for a lump sum minus a percentage immediately.
  2. Protected From Inflation – Many structured settlements will not adjust with inflation, so getting a lump sum now may protect yourself against future inflation, which could lead to a decrease in your standard of living.
  3. Investment Possibilities – One of the benefits of receiving a lump sum is that you may have enough money to invest into a business, or stocks and possibly begin making solid returns.

Structured settlement loans pros and cons can be listed for days, but what weighs the heaviest on my mind would be the cons…and the biggest con would be:

  1. You must sell at a discount – When you agree to a structured settlement loan, you will be giving-up a portion of the full face value. The businesses that give out these loans are doing it to make a profit.
  2. You may spend it all – With one lump sum, you may find yourself with more money than you have ever had before. With that being said, you may start enjoying “the good life” a little too much, and you may find yourself broke in a

few years…sometimes even less!

Structured settlement loans pros and cons are wide and near, but the most important thing to ask your self is this, “How much money am I willing to pay in order to get quick access to my settlement?”. Just like all major decisions in life, it is important, if not more important to put an extreme amount of thought into your financial decisions, as they could have a lifelong impact on you and your family. Don’t worry so much about what’s on the internet about structured settlement loans pros and cons, just research it and make an educated decision.