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Peter Arnold NSSTA

The NSSTA stands for the National Structured Settlements Trade Assocation and their deputy director is a getleman named Peter Arnold. He was recently interviewed by the claims journal where the article discusses the $5 billion dollar primary and secondary structured settlemet industry. The Claims journal mentions that Settlements where once considered too risky as IRS tax implications for insurers and claimants still had a lot of issues but has since been resolved and brought transparency and faith to those interested in taking on structured settlements as a reliable source of income.

The NSSTA is based in Washington, D.C. The creation of this federal tax code that recognized that these payments and annuities have set up the pathway for bodily injury claims and personal injury negotiations today.  As Arnold is stated in the article as saying about Senator Baucus:

“He saw firsthand how claims settlements changed once the federal government clarified the tax treatment of periodic payments,”

Peter Arnorld Runs Arnorld Consulting Group out of Washington D.C. and provides lots of great information on the primary market. He is well respected in the industry and only one "Self Proclaimed" watchdog is the only one who seems to talk trash about the well respected Arnorld. Arnorld recently discussed the industry's coming changes and how "lobbying Congress to tighten Section 5891 rules governing transfers of future structured settlement payment rights could backfire on the structured settlement industry."

We look forward to his upcomming commentary and vote that he should be the real structured settlement watchdog as there is not one viable one currently in the primary or secondary markets.