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Pacific life structured settlements

Pac Life the leader in insurance who is known for their commercials during the NBA Sunday games is also known for something else. Their structured settlement and annuity underwriting business is very big and popular in North America. These annuities offer tax free periodic payments over a set period of time. In some cases they are life contingent and others they are known as guaranteed payouts. These payments are setup to be sent to the injured party after a wrongful death or injury lawsuit according to the official Pacific Life website.

There are certified consultants and financial advisors whose job is to help negotiate the deals and payouts of these structures. It is the job of companies like Einstein to help facilitate the resale of these structured settlement payment rights to another designee in exchange for a current payment.

Reasons Why a Structured Settlement is Choosen

If you or somebody you know is hurt or badly injured in an accident then a "structure" is tailored to meet the injured party's needs. These factors are determined by the injury, financial needs going forward, and the rest of the family involved.  The claimant receives stability in their life with these payments. It is not guaranteed that this is always stable but at least for the time being it is. If it is no longer stable then there are ways to transfer and sell your payments for a lump sum.

Strong financial institutions and stability in the payment streams are also very important. When the case is happening it is sometimes open ended to the final outcome and thus structured settlements from Pacific Life are an easier way to get to the end without a long and painful litigation process. In some cases for self-insured this may also allow for tax deductions. 

If you have any further questions or concerns about selling your Pacific Life annuity payments then contact us right away.


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