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Oasis Legal Finance Reviews - Whats the Catch?

You have seen the commercials on television that run offering presettlement cash but what is the catch? With a bunch of advertising dollars spent to draw your attention you have to be careful to make sure that money is not taken out of the final payment to you for your loan against your lawsuit or structured settlement. Their commercials portray that you can get money before the lawsuit has settled and this is often a great thing for somebody who is in a tough financial position. If you can wait out the timeframe to get a larger settlement because the opposing counsel previously believed that you would take less money to settle early then there are companies like Oasis that help to get you around that clause. So like the Einstein group OLF is there to help offset some of the risks going into your court case.

For someone who is in the middle of a lawsuit, money can be tight.  Any help being offered can be good help, and Oasis Legal Finance is quickly becoming one of the top providers of pre-settlement lawsuit funding. Our rates that we pay here are the best in the industry but competitors like Oasis are not too far behind in what they can offer.

Pre-Settlement Funding Company

Pre-settlement funding is designed to help out plaintiffs who are in the midst of a long and drawn out legal proceeding.  These funders will give the plaintiff a cash advance on any damages they may be awarded.  These funds are often given on the promise that the plaintiff will not have to pay back the money if the case does not go their way.  However, many companies will charge exorbitant interest rates on these deals. 

Oasis Legal Finance does not operate in that way.  They work to get their clients the best rates, and the most money possible.  By working with their clients, Oasis Legal is able to provide for their needs.

Along with pre-settlement funding, Oasis Legal also deals in the structured settlement industry.  A trusted buyer of structured settlements, Oasis can deliver funds to their clients in as little as 45 days.  Oasis is known for being able to deliver the highest rate for a client’s settlement, and all legal fees incurred are covered by Oasis.

What Oasis Legal Finance is looking to do is make sure that their clients are taken care of.  Whether or not they are in the middle of a lawsuit, or are struggling with the after effects of one, Oasis is dedicated to making sure that normal people like you are able to make their ends meet.

Oasis Legal Finance is on the side of the victim.  Instead of making them wait for money that is owed, they work to get that money fast.  The insurance companies who are holding out don’t want the victims to receive any damages, because that means that they have lost.  When it comes to structured settlements, they want to be able to keep that money as long as possible, because they invest it, and profit off a victim’s hardship.

Oasis Legal Finance wants to be able to help a victim get their life back on track.  If this sounds like you, give them a call.

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