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Novation Capital Cash Buyer of Structured Settlements Review

Updated 10/18/2013

Review Posted by: Jose Martinez

Have you been seeing the commercials all over television about NovationCap and am wondering if they are a legitimate company to deal with when looking to sell off your future payments that are coming as a result of a lawsuit, insurance settlement, lottery winnings or wrongful death in your family? Are your payments coming as a result of a car accident? Either way you can sell your future payments for a large lump sum cash out today with the help of the experts here at Einstein. Before doing any business it is best to do your diligence and research. Read the updated story below by Jose:

Novation Capital and Settlement Funding is also known as Peachtree Funding which is partners with and owned by JG Wentworth the popular commercials that you may have seen about 1-877 -CASH-NOW. Well it makes sense as Novation has been playing commercials presenting their phone number 1-855-CASH-NOW.

Novation Capital Your Money when you Need it is the motto and according to their website they are members who are in good standing of the National Assocation of Settlement Purchasers (NASP).

Novation Capital Structured Settlement Buyer in West Palm Beach, Florida

Their current mailing address lists a West Palm Beach Florida Location:

1641 Worthington Road
Suite 410
West Palm Beach, Florida 33409

So if you have ever sold a piece of your structured settlement, annuity, or payment that was received as a result of a lawsuit to Novation please contact us today and let us know your thoughts on how the transaction went and we can leave your reviews, complaints, scam alerts, positive thoughts, novation capital commercial, wiki's and settlement information about Novation Capital and if they are a legitimate firm to use for selling off your payments.

One Industry Experts Review of Novation Capital:

One interesting thing to note is structured settlement watchdog John Darer noted on his typepad blog that he nearly spit out his tea when he heard Novation Capital's spokesman on financial news network CNBC stating that one who sells their structured settlement payments rights is like their own "personal stimulus check". This implis that the money derived from a lawsuit and being cashed in a lump sum is a "Financial Stimulus" in which it is hardly the case. His opinion is that the "promotion in the structured settlement secondary market enables cash now pushers to say and do anything to shill their wares."

BBB Rating for Novation is currently rated as an A+ they have however had 2 complaints listed in the last 365 days. One of the complaints logged with the better business bureau is an advertising and sales issue and the other is for a problem with the product/service. It is known that the BBB is a scandalous group that allows companies to essentially pay their way out of complaints so we always advise our clients and readers to take what they say with a grain of salt.

information and article provided by: Randy Shill of Media Waves in London, England

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