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New York Life Structured Settlement Cash Out?

Website: NYLSS.COM

"A sensible solution at a difficult time" is how the official NY Life website portrays the view of their annuity payments. They also let the website visitors know who either are looking into the option of receiving structured settlement payments as a result of a lawsuit from New York Life Insurance or are looking to sell their annuity payments in exchange for a cash now offer. Most of these claims come up in court as a result of a personal injury claim where as the defendant chooses to pay out weekly, monthly, or annual periodic payments to the plaintiff.

As per their website they talk about how typical annuities from life insurance companies are purchased to help fund the defendants obligation to pay out the periodic payments. These helpful streams of periodicical payments to a plaintiff can really help them because they may not be fiscally responsible at the time to receive the settlement as a lump sum. Some are very simple in their setup such as monthly payments of $1,850.48 a month for 180 months with a final payment of $12,250.00. While a more complex payment may be a life contigent one that is no longer valid if you should pass and will pay you $1,450 in year one with a 2.5% increase a year over the next 7 years. Of course these are just examples and you should check your paperwork and call us to go over any questions that you may have.  

These are some common characteristics:
  • Guaranteed payments that are due over a period of time as opposed to coming due at once
  • Pay outs are served over a person's lifetime unless it is said to be life contingent
  • Security of a quality funding vehicle.
  • Not at risk to stock and bond market fluctuations. 
  • Periodical lump-sum payments that are often paid out at the end of a payment stream.
  • Often used to pay for schooling, starting a busines, and other needs.

New York life structured annuity

Tired of being behind on your bills? Have a structured Settlement that was underwritten by the New York Life insurance company by any chance? If so today may be the day we help you get back on your feet by advising you on whether or not it makes sense to cash out part or all of your current monthly/future payments that you are receiving as a result of a lawsuit from new york life in exchange for a large lump sum payment.

As per the official NYL website "Structured settlements are a negotiated settlement of a personal injury claim in which the defendant agrees to make periodic payments to the plaintiff." Thes periodic payments are great when you first start getting them but soon your realize that its not enough money and you could use a bigger payment to help pay the bills or start your dream business in an effort to become the next Donald Trump billionaire.

Going all the way back to 1983 the United States Congress has structured these payments in exhcange of previous lump sum payments to help provide a secure and long term solution for insurance payouts that are tax free and are set with the payee (thats you if you are reading this) and policy holders. So if you have an annuity or settlement and want to see how much money you can get from a buyer of structured-settlements than contact us today for a free quote and consultation on how we can best serve and help you get cash in your hand today.

For contact information please email:[email protected] where a helpful sales representative can help you learn more about the process of receiving and what you are getting into. Of course if you already own the paper and want to trade it in for a lump sum payment than you can do so by speaking with a qualified representative that can go over the benefits and drawbacks of cashing in your payments as well as the value of your insurance paperwork today if you choose to cash it in.

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