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Structured Settlement Market Size

Looking to sell off your structured settlemnet to one of us supposed "cash pushers"? What is a cash pusher you ask? We push cash from our account into your bank account and in exchange you give up your future payments but you get all of the money at one time instead of having to wait years or decades to receive it.

So how big is the primary and secondary strucutred settlement industry? Well to answer your question it's not very big at all in terms of deals done. There are 2,500 deals approximately done each and every month in the secondary market where those who have an annuity payment, SS, or lottery winnings that they are exchanging for a lump sum payment. The biggest players in the industry J.G. Wentworth of Radnor, Pennsylvania and Peachtree handle approximately 1,500 of these deals and the other companies handle the remaining 1,000 deals each and every month.

There are over 500,000 outstanding structured settlements in contracts that are currently outstanding.

Industry experts in the tax planning field say that the overall industry has been declining in overall deals since 2001 by a number around $1 billion each year till 2012. The theories claim that the as is structured settlement business that has 6 billion dollars of annual annuity sales is also including more workers compensation cases that most of the secondary market can not transfer for a lump sum payout, attorneys high fee structures which makes transferring anything less then $10,000 almost impossible to fund, and additional non-qualified structured settlement cases. 

In 2006 alone 161 BILLION dollars was paid out to injury victims and their attorneys but only a very small portion of these payouts came in the form of future cash pay outs as opposed to large lump sums at the time of the verdict. 

There is $80 billion dollars still outstanding and just waiting to be cashed in.

source: Towers Perrin Study

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