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Is JG Wentworth As Legit As Their Commercial?

Guest Post written by: David Argo

You turn on yur favorite talk show and then during the break you see the same old commercials. The contest and gimmicks change but the concept is still the same year in and year out. You won a lawsuit. There is money owed to you but you can not get to it because of the way it was structured. So we are here to help educate you about the sales transfer process.

It's MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW! Yes it is your money and you deserve it. The secondary market for transferring your future payments gives you an excellent opportunity to sell off your future insurance payments in exchange for a large lump sum payment. This is something that clients of JG Wentworth and other annuity transfer companies love because they help you to receive a cash payout today for something that you otherwise would not receive for years to come.

I’m sure you’ve heard their sly commercial before, (probably more like 10 times), “Are you looking for fast cash now? Do you have a structured settlement? Call JG Wentworth now”… JG Wentworth this, JG Wentworth that…but the real question is this, “Who is JG Wentworth?”

JG Wentworth opened their doors in 1991, and didn’t even start out by buying structured settlements. JG Wentworth was originally a merchant bank and handled all kinds of transactions in the healthcare industry. One would think that they are already pulling in boatloads of money, right? Well, in the late 1990’s Mr. Wentworth decided it was time to start exploiting people that have structured settlements.

As if Mr. Wentworth wasn’t already rich enough, he began an aggressive Ad campaign to put “fast cash”, in the hands of the people that needed it the most. There was only one problem…he left something out. He left out how much interest/fee he was going to charge them, to “help” them during their financial hardship.

Cashing out on structured settlements can be a blessing if it is done properly, and with the correct lender. I can’t tell you how many horror stories that I have heard about people getting taken advantage of, simply because they didn’t read the fine print before signing a buyout contract.

The benefits of cashing out on a structured settlement are great, including:

  1. Lump Sum – There are many advantages to getting a lump sum over timed payments. Whether the economy is in the tank or a surprise medical condition or injury pops up, that lump sum can really do a lot to ease your financial burdens and stress.
  2. Protection From Inflation – Many structured settlements are not set to adjust with inflation, which could lead to a loss of future income. If you were to receive a lump sum right now, you can invest that into something, and create profits from your principle. Also, taking that lump sum now will cut the risk involved with holding a long term settlement.
  3. Protection From Breach of Contract – While the court may have approved a settlement, it is still possible, that at some point down the road, the other party may pull out under certain circumstances. Getting an upfront lump sum payment guarantees that you will get a large sum of money, and will ensure that you will not have any future legal battles over the settlement.

As you can see, there are many positive things that can come out of selling your structured settlement. The question is this, “Is JG Wentworth worthy of your business?” Personally I’m going to hold out judgment, but we encourage feedback. Many people have said that JG Wentworth is just exploiting people for personal gain, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Just remember that if there are complaints, or negative reviews about a company, they are usually there for a reason. If you’re looking to sell your annuity or structured settlement, make sure you use a credible factoring company.

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