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So you Want to Know What Structured Settlement Factoring Is?

If you are receiving monthly payments from an insurance company then you more then likely are getting annuity setlement payments. These cash flow streams are the lifeblood of many indivduals lives who were affecting by a tragedy. Whether it was a bad dog bite, a hospital accident, coal mining accident, automobile accident injury, or wrongful death in the family causes you to go to court and receive these annuity payments.

Selling off this guaranteed and tax free money sounds like a crazy idea at the moment you receive it but times change and needing to sell is no longer an option but rather a neccessity. 

Factoring means that you have the ability and thank goodness the "option" to sell off all or a percentage of your future payments that the insurance company owes you. In exchange for working with a "Factoring Company" (thats us) you are able to transfer the ownership of the payments to somebody else through our help and in exchange you get a large lump sum payment. That means cash in your hand. Part of the money you were going to receive in 10 or 20 years you get to have TODAY. 

Why It's Beneficial To Work With a Factoring Company

If you have to sell your annuity payments right away and the bank will not loan you money then where else can you turn to? Taking out a payday loan can be detrimental to you financially and the financial crisis you are in creates the best opportunity of all -- a secondary settlement factoring company like Einstein. Waiting for your future payments can be a very poor financial decision if it's holding you back from finishing school and paying your college tuition. If you have life contingent payments you can be in a tough situation especially if you want your children to have money should something happen to you. The factoring companies are a great way to sovle these issues and help you when cash is tight and money is not abundant. At the end of the day money will be abundant when you reach out for help. 

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