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Hat Tip to Jeffrey P. Strandling a 2015 graduate from the University New Mexico School of law for writing a detailed analysis about the secondary market and practices of factoring companies in the structured settlement industry. Perhaps he is the watchdog that the industry has been waiting for. Attribution and information provided below:

I Have a Structured Settlement and I Need Oversight Now: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Structured Settlement Industry.

Jeffrey P. Stradling

Perusing late night commercials assuredly turns up the melodic bus riding bass singing Viking belting out the lyrics: “I have a structured settlement and I need cash now!” A quick switch of the remote will rid you of these ubiquitous Vikings, but closer inspection of their offer reveals that the fat lady singing is an appropriate end to ownership of structured settlements.

Thank you again Jeffrey you have a bright future as a lawyer!

As per Jeffrey's kind request we have redacted the full research paper.

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