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CBC Settlement Funding Reviews

Did you know that CBC Funding is actually in Bed with website Annuity.org. They have been utilizing a company based out of Orlando, Florida as a smokescreen to themselves.

They are based in the northeast in Pennsylvania and have recently been acquired by public company Asta Funding (ASFI Stock Symbol). Their investment in the company was for $5.9 million dollars in exchange for a 20% stake in the company. The company specializes in purchasing future structured settlement and annuity payments as well as presettlement payments for court cases that have not closed as of yet. The official company website is also helpful in providing frequently asked questions on selling payments, if you can sell part of your payments, and a testimonials section which is bare of any reviews from clients that have worked with CBC in the past.

There are reviews about the company that offers lump sums to those who want to sell their future payments online. One review on popular complaint site ripoffreport.com discusses a situation where a Ms. Mandi M. Passarelli of Florida got into two different contracts with both CBC and JG Wentworth and was voicing her opinion on her right to cancel a contract during the discolure period which in her case was stated to be 10 days.

CBC Capital also known as Covered Bridge Capital is a Conshoken, Pennsylvania based company but also lists a Delaware mailing address on their website which is:

500 Delaware Ave. 11th Floor
Wilmington, DE 19801

Their PA. address and local phone number is:

1 W 1st Ave

Conshohocken, PA 19428


CBC Settlement Funding has a few different toll free numbers in which you can reach them at. The listed numbers online are:


(800) 242-6274


CBC Settlement Funding BBB Rating

Their current rating by the better business bureau is listed as an A. They have only 2 complaints logged against CBC Settlement Funding and 1 is for advertising and sales issues and the other is for problems with the product or service. According to their website cbcsettlementfudning.com they have been in business since 2004 but according to the BBB's report they have been in business since July 29th of 2008. The better business bureau is not very reliable on their ratings and information so we can not say as to one way or another the vailidity of the information provided by them as anybody can purhcase positiive ratings to avoid being called a scam. Additonally William J Skyrm is listed as the president of the company and James Goodman is listed as the director of operations for CBC Settlement funding LLC. 

Update: CBC Settlement Funding is now displaying that they are the company working with Annuity,org.