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What You Need to Know About That cash now commercial

So you have all seen those commercials that run late night, on CNBC, Jerry Springer, and all of those other soap operas that you see through out the day. If you want to watch and laugh at those type of commercials then you can watch the video at the bottom of this article but first as the industry for factoring companies becomes ripe with possible scams and outright lies we want to go over the benefits and drawbacks of these cash now commercials that are aired publicly on television.

The first note is that if somebody has to pay to advertise how great of a company can they be? Did you know that Ferrari the number one brand, product, and company in the entire WORLD does absolutley no advertising at all and sells out all of their products each and every year. So Einstein Structured Settlements declines to go on the radio and to go on television to display commercials for how we can purchase your structured settlement payment rights, annuities, or future cash flows that you are receiving as a result of a lawsuit that involved a personal injury or car accident.

What we do is we assist you the good old fashion way. We put the client first and we don't waste money on advertising and instead give that money directly to our customers. Putting our clients first for funding has produced happier clients and a better overall customer service. Thanks to doing this we are able to give you the cash you need to pay your bills.

Issues that we have heard about companies that run heavy t.v. advertisements like Peachtree Settlement solutions, DRB Capital, Oasis Legal Funding, and JG Wentworth is that they are putting money that should be going into your pocket and not going into the coffers of wealthy commercial advertising agents.

So let us help you now that you know the truth about selling your structured settlement to a cash now commercial advertiser. Below is a youtube clip for the parody advertisement you were looking for.


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