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Cash Future Payments Reviews

Genex Strategies Inc. is a company that helps to get people quotes on their structured settlement payments. They are based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. This company is associated with Roger Proctor, Boris Drubetsky, and SEO Specialist Jeremy Biberdorf. 

The company offers to purhase your future annuity and structured settlement payment streams. With 11 years of experience in purchasing what is claimed to be over $750 million dollars in structured settlement payments. They previously owned and marketed a popular website called structuredsettlement-quotes.com that allowed users to receive a quote for selling their payment streams.

The old company website structuredsettlement-quotes.com was located in Connecticut. Their address according to their Yelp.com website

100 Pearl St
14 Fl

Hartford, CT 06103

If you are looking at their website you will see that there is a location in Delaware at:

Cash Future Payments
73 Green Tree Drive, #99
Dover, DE 19904

They also have a link to the Better Business Bureau page on their website. As you probably know the BBB is not a reputable nor are they a credible source of information for those who are looking for honest reviews as the BBB can help you to maintain an A+ rating despite any negative commentary or reviews from your clients.

Genex and Cash Future Payments has a toll free phone number on their website listed as 888-821-8069. Through our research it looks that their principle address is located at 11 West Cordova Street Suite 3502 Vancouver, British Columbia and has


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