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Cash For Structured Settlement Payments

Many people are in need of cash for structured settlement payments. After a tragedy in the family, a workplace accident, or even an auto accident, many people end up accepting some sort of structured settlement in leu of a lump sum cash payment. In some cases, this is just fine, in others, it turns out to be a wrong decision.

What often happens is that these people have just gone through major emotional and/or physical trauma. The guidance they receive is not always top notch, and they are having trouble focusing on these things. At first, they think it is a good idea to have payments coming in on a steady basis.

As time goes by, things change. People’s financial condition can deteriorate, or opportunities can come along. There is always the possibility of medical expenses appearing out of nowhere. If one of your family members get’s sick, and requires medical attention, this could hurt your pocketbook.

Let’s not also forget that what a dollar is worth today, is going to downgrade in the future. Some structured settlements will have built-in “escalation” to try to compensate for inflation, but it is an arbitrary figure and usually is not sufficient.

I myself, personally speaking, would always opt for the lump sum of cash, now not later.


Here is why:

            * Invest The Bucks: If I have the money available, I can invest it, and make it grow.

            * Income From Investments: If I want that monthly income check, I can invest the money so that I get monthly dividends. There are many investment vehicles, like a Roth IRA, to entertain.

            * Real Estate: How about if I wanted to buy some “handyman Specials”, and fix them up and rent them out. Now I would be building a real estate portfolio, and the rent payments would be paying the mortgage payments for me. All the while, the properties would be appreciating. Not bad, I have done this before.

            * Open A Business: You never know when you may have an opportunity to become a business owner, or a partner in an ongoing business. If you have a lump sum of cash, you can look around for an opportunity to become a partner in an ongoing business.

            * Fulfill A Dream: Some people have something that they always wanted to do, but could never afford it. Maybe it is cosmetic surgery, or to get their teeth done. Travel is also  something many people dream of, and this is one way to fulfill the dream.

            * College Tuition: Getting cash for your structured settlement is a great way to cover those college tuition costs without taking out a loan, and paying interest.

You might not know that you can cash-out just a portion of the structured settlement, and not the whole thing. I have used Einstein Structured Settlements, and have found them to be the nicest, and most knowledgeable,  group of people I ever worked with. They gave me some great advice all the way through the process.


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