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It's my money and I want it now? If you have a structured settlement and want cash now then have you thought about calling a few of the alternatives to JG Wentworth the television advertiser? Well now you can call Einstein Structured Settlements at 1-888-497-0724 to receive a cash now quote for selling your future annuity pay outs, structured settlement pay outs that you are owed as a result of a personal injury, or lottery payments.

JG Wentworth spends lots of money advertising on television and passing on the savings to you is not possible since they spend so much money on their commercials. We like to spend our money on you. Giving you cash advances and the money that you want when you decided to call Einstein for help as opposed to J.G. Wentworth. We want you to maximize your settlement cash out right now. We don't have famous opera singers or vikings running around on your television set. Instead we just want you to call us and discuss how we can help you to transfer your payments in exchange for money today.

So give us a phone call and we will ring the register for you and wire you or western union money right away.

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