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Structured Settlement Buyers To The Rescue - Get the Lump Sum Payment You are Looking for Today with Our Help

1-24-2014 Yes we purchase Structured Settlement payments from you in exchange for a transfer of a LUMP SUM direct to your bank account. Times get tough and you need a reputable service with overwhemingly good reviews to help purchase your monthly annuity payments. Thanks to the investors that we have we are able to purchase your future payments for a reasonable net present value (NPV) .

There is really only one way to sell your payment stream. The process is court approved and needs to go before a judge. Depending on the state that you live in you may encounter something called a "rubber stamp" this means that your judge is not residing over your case. Certain states have stricter laws in passing the money over from you to the factoring companies. These states as of 2014 are New York, North Carolina, and Illinois. You can still receive the funds you need even if you do reside in these states but like in all other buyout cases you need to do what is in your best interest.

Our team of Structured Settlement Buyers have helped many people change their lives, and fulfill their dreams. If you have a structured settlement that you want to sell, these are the people you would call. When an injured party agrees to settle a case by accepting periodic payments for a set amount of time, they will have a structured settlement. It doesn’t matter whether the injury was because of a workplace accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, or any other personal injury.

What happens is that the settlement holder starts having financial difficulties, and needs liquid capital. One of my clients recently went through this: George had won a settlement of around $250,000 from a vehicle accident while at work. As time passed, he started spending more than he had coming in. The mortgage payments fell behind, as did his car payments.

George and his family lived in an older home, and needs repair. Thank goodness that George called a settlement buyer to ask some questions. Now this is a very typical scenario, the settlement holder needs cash, and they need it now, not in ten years. The reasons why they need a large lump sum of cash is also varied. It could be anything from paying for college tuition, to getting out of debt.

Selling Settlement = Quick Cash

The point is that the structured settlement can be sold for quick cash. Of course you will not get the same amount of money as if you had received all of the payments. If you want anybody to consider buying your settlement, you have to realize that you have to offer it at a substantial discount. This is to entice a buyer, because keep in mind that somebody is going to invest in your settlement so that they can get the income from it.

When a person, or company, buys your structured settlement, they assume all of the risk of collecting the future payments. If the company that makes the annuity payments goes out of business, it is a big loss for the investor that bought your settlement. What you have to consider is the opportunity a large sum of cash can give you. Now if you burn through the lump sum, you will be most devastated, so be very cautious.

You would call a company like Einstein Structured Settlements, and they would give you a Quote on buying your structured settlement. There is no obligation on you to do anything, or accept any offer. You would make that decision based on the facts they would discuss with you. When they give you a Quote, they will also tell you why the price is what it is. With our purchasing process you will have cash almost instantly and if you need a cash advance prior to us buying your settlement, annuity, or lottery winnings that are paid out annually or monthly then we will be glad to discuss how we can do so for you as well. Every purchaser of your future insurance pay outs will make you a different offer. These offers are often contingent on numerous factors. Some of these factors are as follows:

  • Is it a Life Contingent Payment (Meaning if you expire then the payments will no longer be made)
  • Is it contingent payment that does not matter if you expire or not. With LC Payments they may opt to take out a life insurance policy in your name thus making the case more complex
  • How far out are your pay outs. If its longer then 30 years then it is hard for the finance guys who purchase these annuities to place an accurate value on the amount that far out and thus increases their risk
  • How much the note is going to pay and if its a lump sum at the end of the stream or consistent monthly payments
  • The insurance company. Symetra has one of the highest fees while other insurance companies and courts (depending on city and state) have different rates which determine how much you will be offered

The “Factoring” or Structured Settlement Buying company will know all of the latest rates and formulas to figure out what your settlement is worth in terms of a large lump sum of cash. When you get the money, you can even start a new business of your own, or buy an existing business for your financial future. The Structured Settlement Buyers are out there to help you turn promises into cash now, when you need it.

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