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Looking for a Structured Settlement Broker?

A Structured Settlement Broker plays a vital role in the settlement of many types of cases. If you have been injured in a workplace accident, auto accident, slip & fall, or just won a lottery, chances are you will be offered an out-of-court settlement. You will have the option, in most cases, of accepting a lump-sum payment, or a set number of periodic payments for a set amount of time.

Of course there are variations. Maybe you would want a lump-sum now, and another lump-sum in five years, and maybe another lump-sum in 10 years. Perhaps you would like a lump-sum now, followed up with monthly payments for a set number of years. So there are ways to customize the deal to your requirements.

Level Of Expertise Is Important

There are good and bad practitioners in every profession. This just happens to be a profession that impacts a person’s financial standing. A bad broker can ruin your financial future. This is where you have to do your homework. Not every broker is as qualified as Einstein Structured Settlements, so don’t assume that they are.

A broker should at least be a Licensed Health, Life and Disability Agent, or have very close ties to such an insurance firm. He should also carry Errors & Omission Coverage. In order to offer the best annuity to his clients, he needs to have access to a large pool of highly rated life insurance carriers who offer structured-settlement-annuities.

What Are The Functions Of A Broker?

There is a certain time that the settlement broker should be called into the picture. This is before the negotiations for a settlement even get started. When the Defense and the Plaintiff are cognizant of the fact that an injury will be the cause of present and future medical-costs, loss-of-wages, loss-of-retirement contributions, and other expenses --- this is the time to make that call.

This is also the time that the opposing sides must determine, in today’s dollars, the cost of meeting the needs of the injured-party over a set period of time, be it for one year or a lifetime. The injured party’s counsel needs this data before making his settlement-demand. The Defense team needs this information to present to the insurance company what is expected in terms of the payout-expense, and why. Both sides can use the services of a settlement-broker.

The Broker’s Participation Creates A Smooth Process

The settlement-broker will use his expertise in the review of the claimant’s life care plans created by both sides, the plaintiff and the defendant. The broker will also sit down with experts who will furnish him with cots of specific expenses. A settlement-broker will make a recommendation of the type of annuity that would best serve the injured party as a result of the life care plans, economic and actuarial data, and the claimants own words.

A Structured Settlement Broker from each side should be at the mediation to safeguard the process, and make sure a fair assessment is made of the injured party’s future needs.