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Structured Settlement Broker Jobs

I have been asked by several people about Structured Settlement Broker Jobs. This is a great career, and you can make a lot of money, but it is not for everyone. Basically, it is a sales type job, so you would have to have sales-ability, and be able to speak with the public, and know how to close a deal, as in “asking for the order”. A good sales person knows when to ask for the order, it’s a matter of timing.

From time to time, you will see openings in these “factoring”, and structured-settlement  companies. Just organize your Resume and go down for an interview. This is a technique I use. If you call, you give them a chance to delay you. If you go down to their office, they can see that you really want the job, and that you are aggressive enough to close deals.

What Type Of Pay Plan?

You should know in advance that this is a commission only type of job. Some places will give you a small draw to keep you above water for a limited time. If you don’t close any deals, you will not make any money. It’s like any other sales job, you have to show results. Training is usually provided to people that have the right background, and show some potential.

You will spend your time getting leads, and calling leads. Whether you generate your own, or the company gives them to you, you will be calling leads. Be able to take rejection, but remember, it only takes a few good deals, and you are on your way to the big bucks. People will also call the office and ask for a quote on buying their structured settlement for a lump sum  of cash.

They Want Cash Now

You probably heard it before. They want cash now, not later. Your average client would have been the injured party in some type of accident, and received a structured settlement. That is to say, a set payment every month for a set period of time. It could be for ten years, or maybe a lifetime. What it represents is a stable income stream in the form of an annuity.

What happens is that these people come to a point in their lives that they are either having financial problems, or an opportunity has arisen to make a financial move. It could be an opportunity to buy a business, or a need to pay for the college tuition. It is not uncommon to hear that the mortgage and car payments are behind, or that a family member has medical expenses to take care of.

Whatever the reason, they want to sell their settlement for a lump sum of cash. Of course, they have to offer it at a discount to attract an investor who will be buying the settlement for its worth as a future income stream. It is your job to make them understand the offset between taking less than its face value, for the opportunity of having a windfall now.

Structured Settlement Broker Jobs are great jobs, and you will sleep good at night knowing you have helped a family solve their financial problems.

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