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Bentzen Financial - Rhonda Bentzen

Along with John Q. Adams Rhonda Bentzen runs a boutique style secondary market structured settlement purchasing company. Rhonda previously worked in the financial settlement planning industry. Rhonda was helping families to create plans to financially recover from the damages incurred after a personal injury claim and accident. The reason for her transition into the secondary market was finding that clients where sometimes forced into taking a structure or an annuity that they did not want and that is one of the reasons stated on her website as to why she started Bentzen Financial.

Her website provides helpful industry terms such as annuitant, broker relationship system, colling off period, factoring, guardian ad litem, and other important structured settlement and factoring transaction terms that you may come across during the transfer process of your future payments.

The office is based in the south and you can mail or go visit them at the following corporate address:

1305 State Blvd.
Franklin, TN 37064

Rhonda Bentzen financial Reviews

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) there are 0 negative reviews, complaints, or scam reports on the group. The current rating is an A-. The Better Business Bureau will not give anybody an A+ rating unless they are a paying member of their organization and for many reasons listed and discussed in the past here on the Einstein Watchdog blog we do not rely on BBB reviews for companies as others like JG Wentworth can have thousands of complaints against them and still retain an A rating.

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