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Annuity Action Network Commercials Is it a Law Firm?

Updated 5/3/2016 -- The Annuity Action Network has been running commercials on CNBC and other cable television networks to entice potential sellers of structued settlement payments to call in to their company. The advertised phone number is: 800-970-1677 and they let the consumers watching the advertisements that recent laws have changed in different states and to call in to see how that may affect the sale or transfer of their annuity payments or structured settlement payment rights.

A recent article came out that the AAN is a front for south Florida based DRB Capital who also runs the website sellmyannuity.net which displays different sale examples and payouts.

Since 2014 the Annuity Action Network has been advertising on television running 30 second commercials. These commercials have some clients asking if they are a personal injury law firm. The short and sweet answer is no. They are a company that purchases or buys out your future cash flows from a structured settlement that was awarded as a result of a lawsuit.

The annuity action network or AAN for short provides faster liquadtion services for a lump sum of cash at a discounted rate. The company is based out of Delaware with an office address of 19 Kris Court in Newark DE 19702. You can also text the word "Action" to 99000 to receive more information or to be opted into their call service to receive quotes on selling your settlement payments or annuitiy.