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Annuity.org Reviews on CBC Settlement Funding

We get calls all day from watchdogs to annuitants looking for answers to questions that they can't find elsewhere. We let them know about the benefits of selling off their annuity payments whether they are a Fixed rate, Variable rate, Guaranteed, or SPIA also known as a Qualified single premium investment annuity.

One of the latest websites to hit the mainstream is called Annuity.org ran by an Orlando, Florida search engine optimization firm that is ready to launch that website into the ether. CBC Settlement funding is a company that is based out of Conshoken, Pennsylvania. The company was recently acquired by Asta Funding a public company that specializes in finance. Their stock has been a rollercoaster throughout the years but has withstood the test of time. 

Investing $5 million dollars plus in the business of Covered Bridge Capital and with a portion of that focus going towards the website in question here. With over five years of experience purchasing either annuities or structured settlement payments CBC and Annuity.org have teamed up to help you. They do not have any reviews for the website but the CBC Settlement Funding has a Ripoff Report which was responded to (never smart to respond to complaints if they are false as you make the page stronger) that ranks up top for a search on CBC Settlement Funding reviews and complaints from no other legitimate websites bodes well for their business acumen online.

A toll free phone number to get in touch with Annuity.org is 855-502-3195. Walter Pacheco of Rainbow Realty along with Deven Blackburn provide a Broward County Florida address of:

401 E. Las Olas Blvd., Suite 130-160
Fort Lauderdale, FL - 33301

The rest of the website talks about the tax implications of selling off your payments too early versus getting the money when you absolutely need it. State and Federal laws will also dictate the sale or transfer process along with the benefits of pre-settlement funding as a loan against your future money that you have yet to tap into.

None the less there are a lot of options and companies that are reputable to work with when looking to process a transfer of your cash into a lump sum.