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Looking for an Allstate Life Insurance Quote involving a Structured Settlement?

Unfortunately Allstate Life Insurance along with Berkshire Hathaway is exiting the Structured settlement industry. As of February 20th, 2013 they will cease taking on new business related to the structured settlement industry.

This withdrawal will apply to all qualified settlement annuities that are underwritten by the "Allstate Life Insurance Company" as well as the "Allstate Life Insurance Company of New York". Non qualified assignment that was placed through a company called "Allstate International Assignments" is also included in the subsidiaries that will be exiting the structured settlement industry.

Does That Mean I have to Cash out my Allstate Insurance Structured Settlement Payments?

Only if you want a lump sum payment than yes we can help you with that. Otherwise you should know that the company is still in business and all payments are paid in full till their expiration date. However, be aware of scammers and hustlers who may be looking to take advantage and tell you to cash out right now because they are no longer writting new settlements. Back in 2008 during the financial criss the near breakdown of insurance company AIG meant that many owners were feared into selling off their settlements in fear of a collapse of the insurance giant.

What Kind of Quotes Allstate Life Insurance and Structured Settlements Writes?

In the beginning there were only yet a few that dealt with structured settlements and life insurance. Allstate was at the forefront for this. Now they are stepping out of the marketplace but your money is still safe.