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760-738-8222 Genex Capital Complaints

Genex Capital is a company that owns many websites relating to the structured settlement and annuity niche. They have recently launched a few new websites to replace the old Structured Settlement Quotes website. The company offers to purchase structured settlement annuities, lottery payments, and has a presence in Vancouver, Canada.

They advertise a toll free phone number of 1-800-348-3098 and also may call you from a local San Diego/Palm Springs, California phone number 760-738-8222. AssuredAnnuity.com a website that appears to be tagged with Roger Proctor is also tied to the Genex company. Acording to their Better Business Bureau listing the company holds an A+ Rating but as you know with the many complaints logged online against companies like Genex Capital that it is hard to say if the BBB has consumers best interest in mind. In this case there are 0 complaints and reports negatively reviewing the genex parent company on the website.

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