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Woodbridge Structured Funding Reviews

While watching the television show Hardcore Pawn based out of Detroit, Michigan you might have noticed the television commercials for Woodbridge Structured Funding who offers to purchase your future insurance settlement payments. These payouts that they purchase are called structured settlements, annuity payments, or lottery winnings that you have a need to trade in early for a quick lump sum.

Woodbridge Structured Funding is based out of south Florida in the city of Boca Raton, FL and also has an office in the San Fernando Valley in the Los Angeles, California region. If you are looking to cash in on settlement payments and have seen the commercials for Woodbridge structured settlements then you can get a quote from them or you can shop around to the other factoring companies that Einstein aggregates quotes with and we will gladly help you to maximize your lump sum payment for your insurance payments. Whether it's life contingent or non-life contingenet Woodbridge is a proud buyer with a positive BBB rating who can help you.