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Who will buy my structured settlement?

Question: I have a structured settlement and I want to receive cash now for it. What is the best way to transfer the payments that I am due to receive from my personal injury settlement in exchange for a lump sum payment?

Answer: Our buying and selling guide to structured settlements here at Einstein Structured Settlements provides in depth and detailed informatin on how the sale and transaction process works. Every time you want to trade your future monthly, quarterly, or annual payments in for a lump sum of money that transaction is known in the industry as a "Factoring" transaction. When you conduct a factoring transaction you are giving up your right to receive some or all of your future structured settlement payment rights in exchange for money today from a broker or a secondary market player in the structured settlement industry.

The primary market consists of the broker or financial advisor who helped place you in the structured settlement in the first place. While your lawyer is the one who helped litigate or sue the defendants for you they in fact are not usually the same person who has also set up the structured settlement although there may be a case where a lawyer was the financial expert who placed somebody in a settlement this is typically not the case. The lawyer often doesn't ask the client if they want a lump sum of money or a structured deal of payments that is supposed to be created with their future financial needs in mind.

If you have a structured settlement that pays you out and you are looking for a company that will buy it out and give you a lump sum we can help. We can help you if the best interest in getting you these funds in advance of your court date pertain to you needing or wanting to go back to school, to purchase a home, pay off debt, child support, or other financial needs that are time sensitive.

If you have more questions about how to sell or transfer your future payment rights or have an annuity, lottery winnings, and/or casino winnings we are glad to set up a consultation on how a structured funding expert may be able to help you get the money that you need.