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What Exactly is a Structured Funding Company

We get asked this question all of the time from our very happy clients. Structured finance is created to help increase the overall liquidity and funding to your portfolio. This is done to help you transfer the risk of receiving a small monthly settlement to a large cash payment in one lump sum from us (the structured funding company).

Structured funding companies work with securitized financial assets such as lawsuit receivables, CDO's, and asset backed securities. The actual legal structure of each structured funding deal varies on it's level of complexity.

So back to the main question of what a structured funding partner or company is. Simply put they provide liquidity so that you can receive a large lump sum payment in exchange for a loss of capital via monthly or annual payments. Whether it's money that is owed from a previous lawsuit that you won from an insurance company or from a payout that is due from any of the various annuity streams that you may have received we can purchase your income for one large cash payment.