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What to look for when selling a structured settlement

When you are trying to sell a structured settlement there are many things you need to look for to help make sure that the transaction goes through. The first is to look at what state you reside in. The place of residence is important as some judges are more strict on letting you get to your money then others. For example Illinois, New york, and North Carolina can be more strict then a state such as Maine or Texas.

Once you know what state your legal residence is in the next thing to look for is your paper work. You should be able to find which insurance company is the owner of your payments that sends you money each and every month. This insurnace company should have paperwork that describes your structured settlement annuity payments and information about how long your payments last for. There are certain ones that can be classified as Life Contingent and others that are Non Life contingent.

Once you have found your paperwrok you have to find where to sell your payments. One such company that can give you a quote is this site right here where you are reading about "What to look for". The next step is to see how much money you will receive and look into that crystal ball and imagine what the money you will be receiving and what it can do for you.

Follow these steps and before you know it you may be granted your special day in court to receive your future payments in the form of a large lump sum payout.