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Western and Southern Financial Group Structured Settlement

There are a lot of changes in the insurance industry. This comes as a result of acquisitions and buyouts from one company to another. Over time the original issuer of your structured settlement or annuity payments that may have come as a result of a personal injury settlement can be paid out by a company that seems to no longer exist.

Many reasons for this exist. One such being that an agreed upon settlement can be 10,20,30 or even decades away till the payments would finally stop. Over the years it is only natural that companies change names, get bought out or merge with other insurers. An example of this is the current company known as Western and Souther Financial Group who issues and pays out structured settlement payments to annuitants in the USA.

They may also be known as NBS Benefits or WSF Group. Another advertised promotion on their site is something called a VAROOM. This is a variable annuity for roll over only money. This is not to be mistaken for a structured settlement purchased or sold on the secondary market.

An example of a company that they now control that still issues structured settlement payment rights is called Integrity Life Insurance Company.

Integrity Life Insurance Company is currently based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. with a PO box 5720 as their mailing address.
Their current listed phone number and fax lines are as follows:
Phone: 800.325.8583
Fax: 888.220.2677
The official website can be seen at: integritycompanies.com which is for the National Integrity Life Insurance Company