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Structured Settlement Websites

There are numerous websites out there that give you guidance and advice on the structured settlement industry. It is important to note that there are two main sections of the industry. Section 1 is the primary industry. This consists of all of those who are involved in getting you the structured settlement payment rights.

Those who get you these payment rights might be a personal injury attorney who specializes in cases where they end up getting you a settlement that is structured from a personal injury or wrongful death claim. This attorney may have a law website with a section on structured settlements. Then there are actuaries, financial advisers, CLU, ChFC, CSSC, RSP, CLTC, and other acronyms for which people in the primary structured settlement industry address and may have a website or blog for in the industry.

There are structured settlement websites for brokers who purchase payment rights as an investor and they want to spread the word about their investment opportunities for potential and current clients and thus may promote this.

Finally what we mostly see online when Googling for Structured Settlement Companies that there are companies that you see advertising on television, the radio, and online offering to purchase your payment rights in exchange for a lump sum payment. All aspects of the industry are needed in one form or another and thus the reason for so many websites.