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Looking for somebody who purchases payments for your future annuity pay outs that you are due to receive way out in the future? If so then you are in luck as we are glad to help you out when you need it most. Since the insurance company decided to not give you all of your money up front and instead structuring it so that you will receive the money for the next say 30 to 50 years and it's a life contingent deal we think that you probably are in a situation that tends to be towards the extreme of you needing money now.

We are glad to help you as WE BUY PAYMENTS and can give you the cash advance that you need. If you have recently won the Lottery, received a structured settlement, have future insurance payments owed to you, or have inherited an annuity stream and are looking for somebody to give you a lump sum now in exchange for your settlement payment then we are the company that you have been trying to find. We are the diamond in the rough and working with us is genius. Get a quote today to learn the value of your money advanced to you now by calling us or filling out the form above on the right hand side of this webpage.