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Voya Financial Group

ING in the United States is transitioning from being known as ING U.S. to the name Voya Financial. The Voya Financial brand will specialize in retirment needs and information. According to the official Voya.com website they have a clear mission to "make a scure financial future possible, one person, one family and one institution at a time."

So the reason why this is important to note is that some of our potential clients may be receiving payment streams that they purchased or inherited for reitrement with the Voya Financial Group name or ING attached to it. If so then we may be in a situation where we want to exchange these payments in for a lump sum.

About Voya Financial & ING Group

ING Group has bought up quite a few domestically based companies over the last 40 years. In May of last year the name VOYA appeared on the New York Stock Exchange as the new symbol for ING in the United States. This was the IPO for the company.

Office Locations

The HQ for the Voya Financial brand is in New Yor City with other major offices in the south in Atlanta Georgia & Jacksonville Florida, Up north in New England in Windsor Connecticut, Braintree, Massachusetts, West Chester Pennsylvania, Minneapolis, Scottsdale, Arizona, ad Des Moines Iowa.

Headquarters Location:

NEW YORK, NY 10169.

Office Phone, 212-309-6516

Breaking Up is Hard to Do?

The name change came along with the new logo to create a domestic independence after the separation of the two companies. The corporate name officially changed in early April of 2014 and no the break up is not a traditional one but a strategic one. Part of the ownership in ING was sold off at the IPO last year and the remaining ownership is to be divested over the long run. Since being traded publicly like a lot of other financial companies that are somehow tied to the structured settlement and annuity industry it does not change how things are setup for the retirment solutions, insurance solutions, investment management and other retirement solutions. The focus of the company is to work with you on a personal basis and institutional basis.

The name Voya Financial How Did they Come Up With It?

Research and testing. Thats what happens when you do your diligence. It comes from the root word "Voyage" many of our clients go on a voyage and end up in a situation where they need help with their financial situation and we are glad to assist. According to the official Voya website is a reflection on momentum and optimism. It is a destination to get to a sound financial position and with hard work you can achieve that.

The transition over is a simple and smooth one that will not be treacherous or difficult for anybody who has a structured settlement annuity and payments that they are looking to transfer payments over.

Why Would Anybody Want to Trade a Voya Financial Payment for Money Now?

That is a great question. You may be receiving an annuity that is a guaranteed payment rights and it is great for your retirement. If you are not ready to retire and want to build a bigger nest egg by using a larger cash infusion today that can be used to grow your busines. This is one possible scenari. While we can't always say it is in your best financial interest to trade in your payments for "cash now" it is something that only you can decide to want to do.

The retirment, investment management & insurance businesses are changing from ING to Voya as we speak and will be finalized by 9/1/2014.