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TMT Capital Solutions & Structured Settlement Buyer Review

TMT Capital solutions who's website is tmtfunding.com and is located in Washington, DC. They offer to purchase secondary market notes and annuities. On top of that they also purchase structured settlement payment rights. According to their website they work to get you more money faster. Please note that the process is court ordered and you are assigned. 

All companies that you work with their goal will be to get you the most amount of money for your payment streams but you will never be forced to sell all of your payments if you do not have to.


You have a lot of options and if you are looking to email the TMT Capital Solutions company then you can do so at:  Info@TMTFunding.com

The company also helps you to acquire, find, and buy structured settlements. This also includes those looking for investment opportunites. The companies secondary market annuities constantly changes and that is an area their website states that they excel in.

There are no reviews posted online about TMT Capital or TMT Funding. They are also not listed with the BBB but remember the Better Business Bureau is not a credible source for reviews on a strucutred settlement company.