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How Long Does It Take To Transfer a Structured Settlement Payment?

Sometimes you need money right away. There is something to be said for cash now pushers who try to advertise on television and trick you into believing that you will have your money in less than 48 hours. Truth be told that is not the case and the Einstein Structured Settlement Watchdog wants the truth to be known as we have 100% satisfaction from all of our clients because we know that honesty with our clients above all else is the precedent that keeps honest companies in business year after year. 

So What is the Timeframe for Selling My Payments?

The time it takes will vary by each and every state and every court system. Some states move a lot quicker at different times of the year. The reason for this is because there are many cases and the courts are backed up and the earliest date our lawyers are able to get you into court can be 3 weeks. There are some instances where we have conducted transactions for Annuities and got our clients money in a weeks time. With a structured settlement you are typically looking at 1 - 3 months or 30 to 90 days. If you need money today we can always work with you to provide a loan against your settlement.

Selling or transferring your insurance payments can take weeks because a confirmation of your payments must be made. If you require an IPA or Guardian Ad Litem then that process has to be conducted prior to the transfer. There are numerous scenarios and things that a judge can ask for such as: Proof of what the money will be used for, copy of mortgage note or bank letter, proof of construction being done at the house, or medical bills.

Each and every transfer is unique and since there is no cookie cutter way to get a lump sum for your money, the transaction has to be handled delicately. Should you have any questions on the process then please do let one of our representatives know to get an honest answer from an honest company.