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Taking a loan from your settlement

When you are taking out a loan against your structured settlement and insurance company you have to know how the process works. Loans are something that has to be paid back. If you are transferring or selling your future payments then you are not actually taking a loan from a lender but rather getting money today and discounting your future value or cash flows in exchange for a piece of those funds right now.

If you are okay with losing a portion of your future money and taking a hair cut to receive money right now then that is considered a structure settlement or annuity transfer. All transfers run through the court house and are to be approved by a judge. This is done with full disclosure of your transfer and what you are getting in exchange for trading in or transferring the right holder of your payments. Certain insurance companies like Metlife have more stringent transfer details where it is an all or none type of scenario.

When you speak with our representatives they will help guide you as to the amount of payments that you should sell and if there are any types of loans against your settlement there are a lot of positives and negatives to transferring too soon. If you just received your settlement then you should question why you got a settlement instead of a lump sum.