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Sell My Symetra Life Insurance Annuity and Structured Settlement

Symetra was one of the bigger players in the structured settlement industry and as we have helped close deals for those who wanted to sell of their payments and money they were receiving from Symetra we have to say that they are a great insurance company to work with and if you are looking to cash in on payments you are receiving from their insurance company then we will be glad to help you faciltate a deal in the secondary structured-funding market. Effective December 14, 2012 however they are no longer in the structured settlements industry but we want you to know that your money and payment streams are still very safe. Do not be fooled by unscrupulous salesmen or sales woman who may try to convince you that their exit means that you must sell your payment streams right away. This happened with AIG in 2008 and some annuitants did fall for this scam.


This is the previous name of the company. If you have paperwork from SAFECO Life and you want to trade it in for a lump sum cash payment then please do contact us today so we can get you more information on how much capital you can raise today for your future payments from SAFECO Life.

Information about the different annuity offerings from Symetra

They offer fixed deferred annuities which are a very popular way to build a tax deferred income that is beneficial when it comes time for retiring with minimal risk. They also offer fixed indexed annuities which will more then likely pay off with a higher yield  with a more secure guarantee of payment, variable deferred annuities which are the most risky but have excellent growth potential for those looking for higher yields & income annuities which is usually not for anybody in the structured settlement field as they are geared more towards the elderly looking for guaranteed income for the rest of their lives.

Visit Symetras Annuity information page for more information right from the source.

The industry had reached an all time high in 2008 with over 6,000,000,000 and nearing the 6 billion number every year from 2001-2007. As 2013 nears a close it will be interesting to see where the numbers end up as the Hartfod and Symetra have exited the industry and Berkshire Hathaway ramps up.

Symetra is located in Bellevue, Washington.