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Structured Settlement Sweepstakes

We have been known to write a lot about the sweepstake industry as many secondary market players are involved in running these. We once ran one where we helped our clients to pay their mortgage and it was a huge hit that Yahoo! Finance and the now defunct Yahoo! Voices did a whole cover story on us. We had annuitants just like yourself who came out and were interviewed about their dealings with us and how great the experience was.

JG Wentworth was known for running a giveaway sweepstakes earlier this year that we covered and provided the terms of service and fine print for the sweepstake giveaway that you can find here. This was predominantly ran on a Facebook campaign that helped to build up their followers and fans.

The idea of giving away something for free with no purchase needed is great it's just important that you make sure that you follow all legal and local laws. Violating these can be a serious fine and can cause some issues with your clients if you do not follow compliance.